Incidents are few and far between, however you’ll need to be prepared just in case, so please read our guidelines…

Minor incidents:
These happen from time-to-time, for example a part of the route or course is damaged or has fallen over and time is needed to resolve matters meaning participants must wait (‘hold’). This might be in a large space and is un-timed, but it could also be in a smaller space and therefore needs to be timed, all depending on the venue and type of event. 

Major incidents:
These are rare, however we all need to be prepared and understand what is required of us during those times. Please ask the Technical Delegate or Organiser of an event if you are ever unsure. Below are our guidelines for volunteer behaviour during incidents:

  • Personal safety must be everyone’s FIRST concern
  • Always call for assistance – as soon as possible – alert others of an issue
    • stay close to the allocated position to warn/help others
    • consider if standing back aids the situation better than being directly involved
  • Volunteers are not required to handle any horse(s)
    • Loose horses – it is strongly recommended that a horse(s) is allowed to stop by itself
      • Do urgently alert others of the situation
      • Do keep out of the path of a running horse
    • Anyone choosing to approach a horse is responsible for their own safety, especially if the horse is excited or could be or has been panicking
  • Call for First Aid or 999 if in any doubt about a possible injury to anyone
    • ask the injured person if they are alright 
    • ask permission before touching – even if it is suspected that they are unable to hear
    • encourage the injured person to stay still – or for as long as possible if they are resistant
    • do not move or re-position the injured person without the First Aider present (if practical)
  • After the Emergency or Incident (however minor) it MUST be reported to the Technical Delegate, Event Organiser and/or their delegated representatives so that a clear timely record can be made