About Bit Fitting

In early January SCDC met with Dr James Cooling of Horse Bit Fit. ABOUT JAMES James is an Advanced LANTRA qualified Bitting Consultant and Education and Research Manager for horsebitfit.com His approach to bit fitting is all about improving the comfort, biomechanics, contact and co-operation of your horse or pony. James has 35 years’ experience … Continue reading About Bit Fitting

Breaking News: Hampshire EHV1 Outbreak

Sparsholt are maintaining their lock down so the indoor competition on 26th January 2020 is cancelled. Entries will be transferred to February automatically, or please contact Julia for a refund. Wessex Indoor Competition 26th January 2020 and the EHV1 Outbreak in Hampshire As horse lovers the committee takes the precautions around this outbreak very seriously, animal welfare … Continue reading Breaking News: Hampshire EHV1 Outbreak