• Discounted membership fee for British Carriagedriving members
  • Lower entry fees at our events
  • Wide range of different driving events – from driving trials, to training, clinics and social drives
  • Wide range of non-driving social events – from quiz nights to talks and demonstrations
  • Event insurance through British Carriagedriving
  • Regular Club newsletter
  • Access to our private online Members Zone
  • Meet new driving friends and create a support network
  • Visit some lovely locations, some not open to the public


Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December annually. Subscriptions should be received no later than 31st January in that year for continuous insurance cover. New subscriptions are welcome from the previous October, meaning they will run for up to 15 months. There are three types of membership available:

Driving Member – BC Member or another BC affiliated club member
For British Carriagedriving members who want full privileges including third party insurance when driving at events and a vote at the AGM. A copy of BC or Club Membership card or other proof of membership must be must by 15th February 2023 or additional £25 will be required for full payment.

Driving Member – Non-BC
For non British Carriagedriving members who want full privileges including third party insurance when driving at events and a vote at the AGM.

Club Supporter
For people who want to receive the same news and information as driving members, without insurance to drive and without a vote at the AGM.

Club Constitution and Rules

All members and those entering SCDC events agree to follow the SCDC Constitution and Club rules. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave an event and revocation of membership.

Vaccinations Notice
Members should comply with current advice as to vaccination recommendations as laid down by the BEF. Spot checks may be carried out at events, and any additional requirements of the venue will be strictly enforced. During an outbreak of equine infection, event requirements may be altered.

Steps to join

1. Download and complete the SCDC membership form

2. Send your membership form to the Membership Secretary
Please send your completed membership form, membership fee (Online payment method available on request) and a copy of your British Carriagedriving Membership Card or other BC Affiliated Club Card/proof of membership (if required) to the Membership Secretary. Until the Membership Secretary confirms receipt of both payment and membership form your membership is not complete.
The previous year’s BC membership cards are accepted with membership applications until 1st April in expectation of a BC membership renewal. Copies of the current year’s BC membership card (which can be downloaded from the BC Members Portal) will need to be sent to the membership secretary. NOTE: Entry to SCDC events will not be possible as an SCDC member unless the appropriate BC membership card has been provided.

3. Arrange your new member safety assessment
As a new driving member, you’ll be required to take a simple driving safety assessment. Arranged in advance with SCDC Health & Safety Officer, you’re asked to produce your horse, harness and vehicle for inspection, harness up and carry out a simple driving test. If you’ve already taken such a test for another Club or have a suitable qualification you’ll not need to be assessed.

4. Enter our events and enjoy!
After successfully completing the safety assessment, you’ll be able to enter our events with the required Third Party Insurance for the duration of your membership.

For more information
You are welcome to come along to any of our events as a spectator or Steward to see what we’re all about and have a chat with some members. You can also contact a committee member for more information.