What if I don’t yet have my British Carriagedriving membership card?
Copies of the previous year’s BC membership cards are accepted with membership applications until 1st April, this is in expectation of a current year’s BC membership renewal. Copies of the current year’s BC membership card will still need to be sent to the membership secretary when issued by BC or entry to SCDC events may be refused.

If you do not include a copy of the previous year’s BC membership card, then you’ll need to pay the full amount; however you’ll receive a rebate if you are able to send in a copy of your membership card. Rebates will not be made after 1st June.

Do Driving Members in the same household get a discount?
No, there is no discount for drivers in the same household

Who do I make my cheque out to?
Please make your cheques payable to Southern Carriage Driving Club.

Who is the SCDC Membership Secretary?
Miss Kayti Harvey, 3 Duke Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hants SO30 0PF

Can Club Supporters vote at the AGM?
No. Only our driving members and committee are able to vote at the AGM.

Who can perform new member assessments?
British Cariagedriving provides the criteria of who can perform the assessment, it can be found here. Please contact the SCDC Health & Safety Officer for a list of local people.

Do I need to be re-assessed if I change to driving a pair?
Yes, a single driver must be re-assessed if they wish to drive pair, tandem or team. See SCDC constitution rule 18.