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For 2023 Southern Carriage Driving Club will be supporting three Air Ambulance charities with our fundraising activities: Make a donation online today!To make a donation please visit our Just Giving Page

Queen Elizabeth II

Southern Carriage Driving Club wishes to express its deepest sadness following the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen has been ever present throughout our lives and her steadfast, dutiful and calm presence has been a constant reassurance, especially at difficult times for the country. We are incredibly fortunate as a nation to … Continue reading Queen Elizabeth II

Introducing: Gillian Stoneman – our new Safeguarding Officer

Gillian’s love affair with carriage driving all started from the back step, supporting Jane Stuart competing her driving ponies. But what everyone loved Gillian for was her continuous support. Happy to roll up her sleeves and help with pretty much anything, she later took on the health and safety role with SDHC (as it was … Continue reading Introducing: Gillian Stoneman – our new Safeguarding Officer