Open Show July 2018

The Club’s Open Show and Trec was held at Tismans Farm on 22nd July by kind permsiion of Mr and Mrs Trafford, organised by Helen Annema and Caroline Court.

“Good day at the Open Show. Well done to our Champions Sally Barlow and Joe Rowe and our Reserve Champions Cherry Chidwick and Rosemary Neale. Many thanks to our judges Vanessa Neal for the showing classes, Stephanie Trafford for the Concours and Caroline Court for the Trec. A big thank you to our stewards Will & Elaine Leslie, Lynne Hamill and Steph Tyler & co. The Club is indebted to Stephanie and David Trafford for the use of Tismans Farm today.”

Helen Annema

“What a day at the annual Open Show & Trec. With a bit of a mix around to be able to provide our drivers with a super show ring to drive in, I think we made it a success. I do hope you all agree.

All the trec drivers seemed to come back with great smiles on their faces even if some hadn’t been able to follow my signage. Followed by the skills & a ‘Just for fun’ one that all the grooms were delighted to take part in on this warm day, ‘Apple Bobbing!’ Tismans Farm is a super place to be able to hold such a trec & show & I hope to be able to build on this.

It’s also delightful to see new drivers & the sceptical drivers giving it a go in our show classes today, all came away with a little more knowledge & hopefully won’t find the show ring so daunting in the future.

We thank every single one of you who made the effort to join us today, yes it’s warm, yes the ground is rock hard but it was all worth the effort to see those smiles.”

Caroline Court

Thanks to LRG for the photos below.