Members only permissive routes

One of the pleasures of carriage driving is being able to drive along quiet lanes, tracks and, where permission is granted, on private estates and a great benefit for our members is that SCDC has access to special routes to ride and drive.

For example, our long standing member Helen Baldwin has been able to acquire a club right to drive in the Forestry Commission area of Eartham Woods near Slindon in West Sussex.

Member Helen Annema driving in Eartham Woods

Eartham Woods is a very large area in West Sussex with multiple paths and tracks. There are some Byways which run through or alongside it and the Club has some other routes which have been delegated permissive carriage driving routes. It is very unlikely that the whole area can be driven in one visit as it is vast.

If you are an SCDC Member and are interested in driving this route, please contact Jane Kempton for more information and the key.

Any non-members also interested, please visit out ‘Join Us’ page to find out about becoming a member and taking advantage of our permissive access routes.

Driving permissive routes is always at your discretion and the Club takes no responsibility for the condition of any routes or maintenance. However the more we drive them and report any issues to the County Councils the more likely they are to be looked after and accessible.