Silent Auction for Cream Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel

The Prize:
SCDC have been given the amazing prize of a delightful Cream Tea for 2 people at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire, which is worth over £70.  This could be the perfect Christmas gift or a little treat for yourself!

How to Win:
Email your bid to
We need your bid in writing for it to be binding!

Entries close at midnight on 21st December!
You don’t have long to make your bid!
The highest bid wins the prize – the winner will be contacted and announced on Sunday 22nd December.   

Want to support anyway?
Why not pledge some of your bid? If you don’t win, you have offered to donate a smaller amount, £5? Just add a note to your email saying that you would like to make a pledge.

Where is the money going?
SCDC members are going to be asked to vote for the club’s charity of the year, we should have the decision in the New Year. The money from this auction will be part of our first donation – but we wanted to get this auction out now for Christmas!

Good Luck!