Bramshill Forest Charity Drive Report

BDS Berkshire approached SCDC earlier this year to see if we would be able to help increase the numbers attending this annual drive, by running the event under the SCDC banner and using our insurance. This way non BDS members could attend – and it was a success!

£850 was raised for the Carriage Foundation

There were more than twice as many tunrnouts as last year and it was a very pleasant drive amongst the fir trees of the forest out of the sun. We are fortunate that both the Forestry Commission and Collards (who allowed us to use their yard for parking) are so cooperative.

The aim was to raise money for the Carriage Foundation and a massive £850 was achieved. Colin Henderson the Carriage Foundation President was delighted and presented each turnout with a copy of The Wiffle Tree magazine and a rosette when they returned.

Many thanks to the people who organised the event and especially to the stewards who very efficiently manned the road crossing.