Long-reining UK

SCDC are pleased to have affiliated to Long-reining UK.

Long-reining UK (LRUK) is entirely dedicated to the promotion of long-reining as a method of training the horse from the ground and as a sport and recreation. Ideal for horses, ponies and donkeys at the start or end of their careers and for those in the middle to have some fun!

They offer a variety of long-reining competitions that are fun to participate in and run an annual competition league for their members. People of all ages and abilities who have an interest in training and competing their horse in long-reins are welcome at Long-reining UK.

Visit their website to find out more www.long-reininguk.org.uk

SCDC aims to use a number of the Long-Reining UK’s initiatives and dressage tests in our future events.

Long-reining UK members can use points awarded at our shows and events towards the LRUK Annual Awards.