Sunday 3rd July 2022
Start 10am

Dene Farm, Wisdom Lane, Nether Wallop, Nr Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8ER

A relaxed 6k drive with plenty of shortened routes for donkeys, unfit ponies and novice drivers if necessary. All off road, mostly on grass with some interesting optional water and banks to drive.

Entry FeesSCDC membersNon-members
Drive with all activities£30£35



Competitors are required to have suitable insurance to enter this event (e.g. member of Southern Carriage Driving Club, British Carriagedriving or an affiliated driving club or BHS Gold Membership.

Hard hats must be worn, body protectors are recommended

Each turnout requires their own capable groom for the drive that must remain with the turnout at all times. Grooms may be on foot for small pony 2 wheel vehicles for any cones competition or accompanied by a capable groom on a bicycle for the drive

Charity donations
Our chosen charities for 2022 are Hampshire & IoW, Wiltshire and Kent, Sussex & Surrey Air Ambulances.
To make a donation please visit our Just Giving Page