Monday 26th April 2021

7:30pm start – Zoom virtual talk

Host: Kayti Harvey – SCDC Events Co-ordinator
Speaker: Caroline Douglas – Light Harness Horse Instructor

About the event:
This is a free event for, however, a donation to our 2021 charities that would be welcome. It will be a virtual presentation on Zoom from Caroline, followed by an open Q&A session on all things relating to Attelage.

Charity donations
Our chosen charities for 2021 are Hampshire & IoW, Wiltshire and Kent, Sussex & Surrey Air Ambulances.
To make a donation please visit our Just Giving Page

Caroline enjoys Attelage because of its ties with HTD/FEI and 3 phase approach – but more importantly, an important competition for maintaining our carriage driving heritage and skills, while enjoying a thoroughly good time in the company of like minded enthusiasts.

If you would like to join us, simply register your interest using the form below and tell us if you have any specific questions you would like discussed. Once registered, we’ll email you the joining details for the Zoom event.

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About Attelage:
Attelage de Tradition is a warm, welcoming event with the main emphasis on competitors using carriages pre 1945. The event was created by Barron Christian De Langlade in France and the events have grown to be hosted by more than 14 countries across Europe. Attelage brings together the posh of showing, the thrill of a marathon and the tradition of cones – all whilst looking your absolute best in a vintage vehicle and smart dress. A fantastic atmosphere for socialising, with time between all the stages to relax, Attelage is open to horses and ponies of all shapes, sizes and concoctions.

Vehicles pre 1945 are the ideal but replicas are allowed. Vintage carriages can have had restoration work done or be in original condition. Finally, you do not have to be a member of any society to be able to compete.

About Caroline:
A Light Harness Horse Instructor (LHHI), judging at driving trials and also judged the carriage driving class at Horse of the Year show in 2017. Caroline is also a BHS Intermediate Instructor (riding). Caroline grew up driving, with parents that participated in a variety from trials to showing. Attelage is Caroline’s passion which combines the elegance of the show ring with the practicality of driving a well-trained safe horse. Caroline enjoys helping novice drivers to lay strong foundations and encouraging the more experienced driver to their next level.


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